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voted most likely to be reading Anime. i cry a lot over a cancelled british television show. i care much too much about isabela and the mage origin


Some of the Multiplayer card backgrounds being shown at Pax, say hello to your team working behind the scenes of your Inquisition.

And let me once again say, how much I love that these characters have their own backgrounds and there own stories. These are no faceless peons, these are people who are choosing to fight for you (who you can fight as) because of their own choices, interests, morals, and plans. It adds even more depth to the multiplayer and the teams you create for it.


play animal crossing every day for three weeks. miss one day. don’t play animal crossing again for five months.

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      “we don’t need to be friends. we’re family.”

share your story on sexism in gaming!


I’ve got a friend that wants to launch a non-profit org dedicated to educating on sexism in the gaming industry.

And, to start off with, they want to collect stories that women in gaming have about sexism, prejudice, or difficulties they’ve met because of their gender.

Stories collected will be anonymous (unless you request otherwise, I guess). Please reblog with your stories! (OR, if you’re uncomfortable reblogging, or want to be 100% anonymous, feel free to send me an ask or a submit and I’ll make sure they get passed along)

Thank you!


bioware: you get asexuality!!! and you get a gay romance!!! and you get a lesbian romance!!! this character is bisexual!!! this character is pansexual!!! a romance doesn’t necessarily involve sex!!! inclusivity is important!!!

ubisoft:women??? bige titty??? nip nops


when ur friends start shit with u



Why would anyone want to imitate The Purge in real life? Why not choose a better movie, like Space Jam?


"To all you people leading happy and emotionally fulfilling lives… fall into a TV and die ♥"

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